The most powerful bitcoin miner 2019 - why only the best?

Cryptocurrency fever swept the world and an increasing number of people are trying to make money on it. Someone prefers to buy this or that cryptocurrency for a long time and wait until it significantly adds to the price. Others do not want to rely on chance, carefully study the market and actively trade available coins.

But there is another category, representatives of which avoid risky investments and seek to ensure a stable passive income, these people we call miners. They usually invest in most powerful bitcoin miners 2019.

ASICs - most powerful bitcoin miners 2019

Initially, the production of the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, assumed the use of resources of a personal computer – processor and video card. With the passage of time, the process of bitcoin mining became more complicated. Such a device was a specialized most powerful bitcoin miner 2019 for cryptocurrency mining. Comparing this gadget with the familiar to us by computer, we understand that top ASIC miners almost nothing can not of the usual functions of a PC, but bitcoin blocks him do not like the faster.

There are several characteristics of most powerful bitcoin miner 2019, which ultimately determines the success of cryptocurrency mining:

  •         Hashrate – the efficiency, the higher the number, the greater the amount of coins we get for the same amount of time;
  •         Power consumption – not every network will withstand the work of most powerful bitcoin miner 2019, and therefore before you buy the device you need to carefully read this parameter and weigh your capabilities. If you do not have access to a free source of energy, and this is likely the case, the costs associated with energy consumption, will be the main source of expenditure at the initial stage after the purchase of most powerful bitcoin miner 2019;
  •         Price – icicles are expensive, and their value increases with the growth of the price of cryptocurrency, because no one will give you a Bitcoin mining hardware for sale for the extraction of money almost out of thin air solely based on its cost in production.

Most powerful bitcoin miner 2019

These are gadgets that every miner dreams of owning. They are expensive, convenient and extremely profitable, so that it is thanks to them that you can get an impressive profit.

Antiminer S9

  •         Hashrate: 13.5 TH/s
  •         Power Consumption: 1350 W
  •         Energy efficiency: 0.1 J/GH
  •         Voltage: 11.6 – 13 V

In addition to the integrated circuit, there are coolers on the front and rear sides of Bitcoin mining hardware for sale, a network controller with an Ethernet interface, as well as a slot for an SD card and several light indicators in the oblong aluminum case. Three parallel mounted on one of the most powerful miners 2019 stuffed with chips BM1387 that are created with the most advanced 16-nanometer process technology.

Ebit E9 Plus Miner

  •         Hashrate: 9 Th/s
  •         Power Consumption: 1305 W
  •         Voltage: 11.9-13 V

Serious competitor model S9 among most powerful Bitcoin miners 2019, because this device, though not as productive, but is much less, and get it real. The DW1227 chip is made by a 14-nanometer process technology, in addition to the boards themselves, the device has native cooling and a number of connecting interfaces. It is worth noting the Assembly of the device, unlike many competitors, the appearance of which immediately indicates that the manufacturer is in a hurry to produce and sell as many as possible ASICs while they are in demand, everything is done efficiently and conscientiously — the probability of failure, and it is critical for this type of device, E9 Plus feels still lower.

If you get the S9 to an individual is almost impossible, in this case, the prospects are more promising, however, it is still extremely relevant, and therefore very popular most powerful Bitcoin miner 2019 and it will have to hunt.

BW-21 Litecoin (Scrypt)

  •         Hashrate: 550 MH/s
  •         Power Consumption: 950 W
  •         Energy Efficiency: 1.727 J/Mhs
  •         Voltage: 12V

Not bitcoin single, one of the top Bitcoin miner is designed for Litecoin mining, which is also a good option for mining. This most powerful Bitcoin miner 2019 shows impressive efficiency, but there is one caveat – the manufacturer sells the most powerful bitcoin miner 2019 in batches of 100 pieces, which means that a private miner can not afford such a purchase. We'll have to look for a gadget among dealers, though its price can significantly increase.

It should also be remembered that the Holy faith of mankind in most powerful bitcoin miners 2019 does not apply to other cryptocurrencies. Although they grow in mass, and sometimes much stronger than the cue ball, they are not immune from a long period of stagnation or fall, while the world's first cryptocurrency is experiencing short-term drawdowns and storming new most powerful bitcoin miner 2019.

Antiminer D3

  •         Hashrate: 15 GHS/s
  •         Power Consumption: 1200 W
  •         Energy efficiency: 93%
  •         Voltage 11.6 – 13 V

Another device from most powerful bitcoin miner 2019 list is the market leader in the production of miners of Bitmain, but this time designed for the production of cryptocurrency Dash. One of the most effective devices on the market, its efficiency compared to the previous model has increased by almost 10 times, which could not but affect its demand – if you order it today, you will have to wait until mid-end of January.

On the other hand, this most powerful bitcoin miner 2019 is quite affordable against the background of the brothers, and the dash coin is very popular and growing in price, because for those who want to mine the device can become a good launch pad. It is worth to note that on the manufacturer's website Antiminer D3 costs more than is realized with the hands, but because it could signal the imminent complication of the production of coins with most powerful bitcoin miner 2019 or the advent of more modern equipment.